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Most popular crossbows in 2014


Different people have different hobbies and archery is practiced by more and more people, if we take into account recent statistics. For this hobby you either use a bow or a crossbow, depending on your preferences. Crossbows are usually a modern type of bow that comes with different accessories including quiver, adjustable mount scopes, arrows, etc. They were used for military purposes in the past, but today sports, hunting, and shooting are the fields where they are utilized. The following list consists of the most reputable models which are all recommended by the best crossbows reviews in 2014.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power stroke Price Arrow lenght Red Dot Sight Rating Where to buy

Excalibur Axiom SMF

14.5-inches $$$$ 20-inches No A+ AMAZON

Barnett Crossbows Jackal

12-inches $$$ 20-inches YES A AMAZON

Jaguar CR-013 Series

14-inches $$$ 16-inches YES A AMAZON

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

10.5-inches $$ 16-inches YES B+ AMAZON

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT

12-inches $$$$ 20-inches No A AMAZON


Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package


Best Crossbows ReviewsWe thank Barnett for introducing another marvelous product in the market – Barnett Ghost 350  that includes Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) with the safety ratio of 5 to 1. It is the lightest crossbow in the market, weighing just a bit over 7.5 pounds. The crosswire strings come with the anti-dry fire trigger system that ensures a fast, smooth, and accurate shot. The complete package includes quivers, a rope cocking device and four arrows. The crossbow has a five year warranty, a well appreciated fact by the best Barnett crossbows reviews.

“This is a great crossbow, proving to be extremely accurate and easy to shoot.  How it feels, the assembly, the weight, the ease of use, the price was all worth the hard work. It is both attractive to look at and lethal to use. I really recommend this product.” – Henry Webb

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Barnett Crossbows Jackal Crossbow Package


There are thousands of people that love to hunt and enjoy the thrill of taking down small or large game. Today, more and more people are looking for powerful crossbows, designed to offer heightened control during each moment of the hunt. One of the most popular crossbows in 2014 from Barnett Crossbows is Jackal, a model that can significantly improve the way you hunt different types of game. It has an innovative design with a sleek and military-style stock. The package features a quick-detach quiver, red dot sight and specially designed bolts. It weighs only 7.7 pounds, making it very easy to use.

I have to hunt from time to time and for this reason I needed to invest in a powerful crossbow. Fortunately with attention I managed to come across Jackal crossbow from Barnett Crossbows. This carefully designed crossbow impressed me with its smooth functionality and great hunting precision.” – Oswald Martins

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Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow


Crossbows are still used across the US even to this day, for hunting or for target practicing. If you want to learn how to shoot properly one or like to do some target practice, a good investment would be to get Jaguar CR-013 crossbow. It is built for accuracy while having a 175 Lbs draw weight, ideal for users who have just started to get the feel of a crossbow. To make sure you have great precision, it also comes with a 3 dot 30mm red dot scope. The bolts will be fired with speeds up to 245 fps. Carrying it will be comfortable because it is fitted with a shoulder strap. Its quiver is detachable and has a maximum capacity of 6 bolts.

“I was looking for some new hobbies and I thought why not give shooting a crossbow a chance. I read some reviews and they pointed me towards Jaguar CR-013 as a perfect entry-level crossbow. It feels very light when I hold it and I feel like I am improving day by day with the help of its solid capabilities.” – John Gossman

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Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit


Inferno Fury Crossbow is a perfect package for archery lovers, because in is lightweight, has an aluminum rail, padded shoulder strings and a 3-dot multi-range red dot scope. It can shoot at impressive speeds of 235 feet per second with a 10.5 inch power stroke. The crossbow also comes with 16’’ bolts and an anti-dry fire trigger mechanism, that is also suitable for the beginner crossbow hunters. Enjoy the outstanding quality of a crossbow at an affordable price and with features that make it a top notch model!

“This crossbow comes with everything you need for target practicing. It also comes with a decent red dot sight, a nice 6 bolt detachable quiver, 4 bolts, and a sling. I have learned a great deal about shooting properly after I have started practicing with it.” – Samuel Corbett

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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package


All the desirable features that a hunter may want in a crossbow are provided altogether in SA Sports Fever Crossbow package. 4.85 pounds in weight with an adjustable scope that mounts along with the padded shoulder sling, a quiver with 4 arrows and a multi reticle scope, large boot style foot stirrup and a reliable auto safety make it a perfect selection for either experienced or new crossbow hunters. Due to its increasing popularity, along with the affordable price of this product; it impressed the best crossbows reviews in 2014.

“I really like this crossbow; it is very well made and accurate. The packaging was organized excellent in the box and easy instructions to follow for assembly. Make sure you use lube wax on the rails and strings every 5 shots. It is a very good choice for everyone, great buy.” – Cyrus Bell

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Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kit


Good news for archery lovers, the eye-catching and perfectly manufactured Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow kit is completely bulletproof, in addition to the perfect speed of 305 feet per second and 14.5” power stroke which it delivers. It is also a perfect bow for beginners due to the economical rates and ease of handling and learning. The kit comes with a 4 arrow quiver, 4 fire bolt arrows, a mounting scope, and rope cocking aid so what else is required? It is a worth-buying product, so you must go for it and enjoy hunting as it will definitely be in the all time best lists of the top rated crossbow in 2014.

“This is a great bow for hunting, it is very easy to put together, very lightweight too. The re curve design is bulletproof and string can be changed in seconds. Very comfortable to shoulder and perfect for bringing down any prey. This crossbow seems well worth the money.” – Timmy Red

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Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol


The combination of quality, accuracy, and reliability makes Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol a worth-buying crossbow. It is especially designed using a solid brass, die-cast alloy, and graphite limbs, plus comes with 6” aluminum arrows. Above all the advantages, it is self-cocking with automatic safety. There is no need to stretch your muscles, you can just slightly pivot the lever and the bow cocks itself only with a small effort. This is really a perfect choice for hunters who want to have a 100% assurance of hitting their target.

“I got this crossbow for my birthday from a good friend. It has a nice hefty weight to it and the assembly is easy. I kept asking where the directions are, they were on the box. Not many instructions are necessary. It was packaged really well. I like this thing very much and I recommend it to all.” – Barry Kessler

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What is the best Crossbow – Buying Guide


Hobby, sport or passion, whatever people call it, crossbow hunting represents a constant source of excitement and thrills. There men and women of all ages that desire to shoot at least one arrow just to experience the sensation of seeing it fly. Today, the interest for professional crossbows has spiked, gathering new users with each passing month. How to find the best crossbow? Well, this question can be answered after reading this buying guide, designed to show you some of the primary characteristics of a top crossbow, worthy of becoming your next addition. In the last 20 years or so, crossbows evolved into precise hunting tools which you should use at least once in your life. Either for fun or sport, crossbows can be used with ease and efficiency any time you are out on the field. This type of weapon can be used for serious hunting, providing precision during each shot.

Now, there are a couple of things to consider before you start looking for a crossbow and it’s best to know them. Horizontally mounted, crossbows are weapons that come with a solid stock and bolt shoots. Bolts are arrow like projectile that are launched by firm and fast moving strings on the machine. It comes with a special mechanism that keeps the bow drawn. You have control over the release, having the possibility to pull the trigger which releases the string and then shots the bolt. The specific strength of the crossbow is determined by the overall strength of the user to pull the string. This particular strength can vary from 80 to 200 pound which is more than enough to have a great shoot. There are 2 crossbow designs present on the market: the recurve bow and compound bow. The models present different types of advantages and disadvantages, and now it’s time to learn more about them.

Recurve crossbow

Crossbows with recurve designs are among the oldest types of weapons available on the market today. As you probably know, recurve means that the limbs or tips face away from the utilizer. This particular type of crossbow doesn’t need a lot of maintenance because it comes with less breakable parts. If, for example the string breaks, you will be able to fix it without problems. In comparison with compound bows, recurve models manage to take quieter shots. First time users should use with confidence this advanced crossbow, if you desire to learn more.

Compound bow

Compound bows come with a new design, with short limbs and strings, carefully attached to pulleys. It uses a cam system that permits the user to draw the bow easily, thus casting aside any presence of restrictions. Due to the cam system, the bow stores more energy, making the bow a lot more powerful than usual. In addition, the bolts travel faster as you shoot. You should also know that compound bows feature a cocking mechanism that makes drawing bolts a lot easier than recurve crossbows. As a negative aspect, this compound bow is heavier than its recurve counterpart.

How to find the best crossbow? Well, you’ve managed to read this buying guide and use the information in order find the ideal product. It is important to identify a crossbow that can meet your hunting and entertainment needs every time you go outside with the device. On top of the page you can find our top choices.